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Just an Ellie Goulding fan blog with pictures, music, updates, videos, etc. Feel free to follow me on my personal account. :)

neverenoughellie replied to your post “neverenoughellie replied to your post: syntheticheart asked:Hey :) I’m…”

Haha exactly I think it’s suitable!! And thanks bb! I can’t believe the day’s finally here!

It’s perfect! Haha. Have so much fun and let us all know how it goes!! I am so excited for you!!! :)


Paramount Theater - Seattle, US. (23d April 2014)

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EXCLUSIVE- Brought to you by TheHalcyonDaysTour & Kerli.tumblr.com

Seven Lions and Ellie Goulding? Snippet ;)

Special thanks to kerli

neverenoughellie replied to your post: syntheticheart asked:Hey :) I’m g…

Okay this is probably so lame but ‘gouldengirl’ just popped into my head for a URL ;D

That’s a good one! Haha. I have a group of friends and we call ourselves the Goulden Girls because of our obsession with Ellie! Hahaha. So excited for you to see Ellie Siobhan!!!




All I do is listen to ellie goulding and ignore my responsibilities.

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syntheticheart asked: Hey :) I'm going to start an Ellie blog trying to think of a name. I think I remember a list of Ellie blog names on your blog. If you have it available can you send it to me so I don't pick a name that is to similar to another one? Thanks! :)

I don’t even know where it is, I know it’s buried somewhere in my asks, I’m sorry I’m not more help. Anyone have any suggestions? I am so and at coming up with names. 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever met Ellie ??

Nope, not yet. Maybe someday it will happen.


ellie goulding albums + colour palettes

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For anon. Sorry this took so long.

For anon. Sorry this took so long.

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